Montserrado County District 6 Representative Samuel R. Enders: “The bill will also empower schools to search every child, and to ensure that we work together so that no other student will die mistakenly.”

Rep. Samuel R. Enders of Montserrado County District #6 Representative, is expected to propose a bill called the ‘Precious Pearl Ireland School Safety Bill.’

The expected bill, according to Rep. Enders when proposed, will give schools authority to students beg as a means of avoiding the reoccurrence of the shooting incident at Cyber-Ed School of Excellence.

The late Precious, a student at the Cyber-Ed Christian School of Excellence, was killed by a bullet wound sustains on the premises of the school. This act was committed by Jovanus Turay, who snuck into the school premises and in the process of showing it, shoot Precious Ireland twice.

“Before, I laid the wreath on the casket bearing the mortal remains of Precious Pearl Ireland. I’m going to propose a bill that will be called the ‘Precious Pearl Ireland School Safety Bill,’ he announced with tears set in his eyes. “I say that on behalf of the over 65,000 people living within District #6, Montserrado County, a community in which the Ireland family lived. I have come with nothing but to say we are deeply sorry. Words cannot express how bad we feel.

“I heard that the student was shot that morning and I thought it was something that the Irelands could recover from, but to our greatest surprise, it turned out to be the first school shooting in the Republic of Liberia,” Rep. Enders added.

Rep. Enders furthered that the bill when taken to the Capitol Building, an addendum will be added that, during school time, if anybody is caught with drugs, the police will be immediately informed to move and search and, “if you have a scissor or any harmful weapon it should be taken away.”

“This bill,” he said, “will also empower schools to search every child, and to ensure that we work together so that no other student will die mistakenly.”

Representative Enders made the disclosure on Friday, April 30, 2021, when he paid an emotional tribute to the late Precious Pearl Ireland at the Harvest Intercontinental Cathedral in Congo Town.

According to him, the Irelands did everything well. They found the best school and put their children in; they did everything that they could but their expectation was not met.

Earlier, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor also called on Representative Enders to include search for drugs in schools and whenever they are found they should be prosecuted.

Rev. Fr. Michael T. Sie, Rector of the St. Thomas Episcopal Church, did not mince words in his tribute, saying that drugs will always be here in Liberia because the security apparatus are the ones allegedly selling them to the kids.

He recalled that, during the early years of his generation, they were trained by their parents so that not a single day they were ever introduced to drugs. “Today, our young people are spoiled and if nothing is done to curtail it, the country will be taken over by drugs.

Rev. Fr. Sie, however, called on Representative Enders to ensure the bill is introduced, which will be of great help.



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