Anele ‘Nellie’ Tembe’s body arrived at her parents Durban home last night for a Memorial service set for today, Thursday.

According to police statements, the 22 year old died on Sunday morning after jumping from a 10th floor Cape Town Hotel building.

The incident was treated as suicide, pending police investigations.
The exact details around Nelli’s death are unknown to the public for now.

The police confirmed her death but noted they are still investigating the matter.
According to hotel staff where the incident happened, only a thud noise was heard as Nellie fell. The noise was followed by a man shouting out loud, TshisaLive reports

Family reports have indicated that the rappers wife to be will be buried sometime this week despite the case still undergoing investigations by police.

AKA who was reported ‘inconsolable’ at the time of her fiancé’s death is doing better now, her publicist Phumza Nohashe has revealed.

She told TshisaLIVE AKA was “doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.
He lost the love of his life, someone he had taken advanced steps, culturally, to spend the rest of his life with,” she said.

Rapper L Tido shared the first picture AKA since the death of his fiance with a group of friends gathering to pray tribute to Nellie in prayer.

AKA has not been available on social media or issued any statement since the day.
His family and that of her fiance both issued a joint statement on the fateful day to announce the sudden passing of their daughter and makoti, Anele Tembe.


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