Popular Canadian rapper, Dax, got people talking on social media over his choice of tattoo.

The entertainer showed his patriotic side as a Nigerian with the new ink on his skin on social media. Different reactions have followed Dax’s choice of tattoo.

Canadian rapper, Daniel Nwosu, popularly known as Dax recently took to social media to show off his recent tattoo. The entertainer got a tattoo of the Nigerian flag on his neck with the inscription ‘say less, do more’ as a sign of connection to his Nigerian roots.

He wrote:

“New tattoo: Yes. I am NIGERIAN.” 

Dax’s tweet as expected generated reactions among Nigerians, with most asking why he thought it was a good idea to get the tattoo.

Read more comments below:

“I rather die than to tattoo Nigeria on my neck.”  

“Bro, I don’t know why you tattooed contraption called (Nigeria) on your neck?”

It’s Easier to draw a tattoo of Nigeria when you’re not in Nigeria though.”

“This guy no sabi the next thing for him life.”

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