She was featured in the movie as a guest star in the movie and per what we gathered, the movie was shot in 2018 and it has some well-known faces including Hawa Barnes, Felino Dolloso, and Craig Bourke.

After the movie was shot, it embarked on a two-year festival tour before its 2020 and 2021 release on Amazon Prime and YouTube respectively.

This comes after she took to social media to thank her fans who have supported her all this while. In the post, she was in a jubilating mood after hitting a landmark achievement in her social media followership on Facebook.

The talented comedienne has five million people following her on Facebook alone and this has caused a reaction from her.

Taking to her Instagram handle, she made a post appreciating her fans and followers for their love and support.

The post she made reads;
“Thanks so much for your love, I am happy for having 5 million followers on Facebook. 🥰🥰😍”


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