Hendricks said the biggest crime category during level one lockdown was antisocial behaviour. 

“Aggressive begging, drug use and drinking in public still dominated. Once lockdown eased and more people came back to town, the focus went back to contact crimes, theft out of vehicles and common robbery [mostly pickpocketing],” he said.  

“We rely on a proper deployment strategy based on intelligence, crime statistics, our incidence reporting system, telephonic complaints and observations. We map these factors, so the system can show us patterns. This allows us to deploy resources smartly to the correct areas at the right times.”

CCID CEO Tasso Evangelinos said: “During this past year, it was imperative for the CCID to engage with our stakeholders and work closely with our primary partners so that we could effectively attend to new crime issues as a matter of urgency. By working together, we have worked wonders in the Cape Town CBD.”



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