In her affidavit, read out by her advocate Lawrence Manye, Moorosi said she was the CEO of Bloemwater for the past eight years, where she earned a salary of R94,100. She said this was a key position at Bloemwater and she was responsible for the “entire staff” at the company.

She said she had six children and a husband, who was paraplegic, and all of them depended on her. She said her 86-year-old mother also lived with her and was dependent on her.

Moorosi said she owned a home worth R2.5m and a town house worth R1.2m, as well as three vehicles valued at R750,000, and had household items valued at R250,000.

Moorosi said she had no previous convictions or pending cases against her and that she would not evade trial. She said she intended to plead not guilty and there was no prospect of her being found guilty.

In her affidavit, through lawyer Willem Edeling SC, Dlamini said that she was unmarried and had been living at the same address for the past 11 years. She said she had one child of her own at university and two adopted children, who were all financially dependent on her.


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