Ramaphosa said the rule of law and the importance of due process had to be affirmed. This was the same principle that informed his approach to the recent allegations around Mkhize and the contracts awarded by his department.

“These are serious and disturbing allegations and it is essential that they be thoroughly investigated by the Special Investigating Unit and any other appropriate authority, that these investigations be finalised without delay and that due legal process is followed.”

Ramaphosa said while it was disheartening to read on a daily basis about corruption allegations, it was also significant that much of what is in the public domain is a result of work being done by institutions like the SIU, the Hawks, the National Prosecuting Authority and the auditor-general, among others.

Ramaphosa said if SA’s economy was to survive, if its people were to be empowered and poverty to be defeated, the country needed to tackle corruption, fraud and mismanagement in every area of public life.

He said his administration had taken decisive measures to end state capture and fight corruption and was steadily and progressively turning the tide, strengthening law enforcement agencies, identifying wrongdoing and ensuring that action is taken against those responsible.


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