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I know that’s what everyone is saying after Gov. Wolf’s announcement of his latest mitigation efforts to combat … what was it again … oh yeah, COVID. I almost forgot for a minute what has consumed our attention this year.

What we need to focus on now is supporting our local businesses not just for the next three weeks but all the time and especially our restaurants.

After the year we’ve had, we all need a little Christmas – right this very minute!

But despite the chaos, there’s actually a lot to celebrate. Namely? You: the small-business owner.

This year, you fought hard for your business.

You made some really tough choices.

You pivoted.

You scrambled.

You fell down.

But you got back up, and you kept on going and learning.

At CCEDC it’s our greatest joy as a team to stand beside you in the fight for the success of your business. Because what you do (and who you are) matters to so many. Yeah, it’s been a hard year. But the lows make the highs that much more meaningful.

We have numerous resources to offer including low-interest loan funds, help with your marketing needs and connections with Wilkes University Small Business Development Center and Lehigh Valley SCORE, just to name a few.

So, our hope for you this holiday season is that you end the year with your head held high, looking to the future with hope. If you need help or just need a shoulder, the team at CCEDC believes in you, and we’re in your corner.

Kathy Henderson is director of economic development for the Carbon Chamber and Economic Development.


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