“Since you are the head of the department responsible for issuing hunting permits and ensuring that hunting legislation is enforced, we request that you investigate the conduct of this botched hunt and address John X Safari’s endorsement of the hunter’s actions,” said Peta in the letter.

According to Peta, the hunter “ineptly” shot and wounded the animals, who “writhed and stumbled in agony” before slowly dying.

“This man laughed as he cruelly gunned down a pair of magnificent buffalo, and the outfit in charge of the hunt wasted no time boasting about it online,” said Baker, making reference to an Instagram post.

Peta said the hunter claims to have intentionally killed both buffalo, despite apparently having only secured advance permission to kill one and in defiance of the guide’s instructions to shoot only the first buffalo.

As the hunter appears to shoot the wrong buffalo, as captured in the video, the guide says: “No! I said the one on the right. Wait, wait!”

Afterwards, the hunter laughs and dismisses his guide’s concern over the extra kill, saying: “I guess I got $32,000” — which, Peta says, was double the original fee.

“I’m gonna be honest with ya, I saw him in the scope, and I took ‘em both,” the hunter can be heard saying.



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