Trikamjee said the response to the crisis unfolding in India came after consultation with the Indian government.

Humanitarian aid organisation Gift of the Givers has also extended a helping hand to the subcontinent through its intervention campaign.

The organisation is raising funds for the purchase of SA-made continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines.

It said in a Facebook post: “In terms of oxygen machines, #GiftOfTheGivers suggested the CPAP machines that were designed and developed in SA by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, which we rolled out in [our] second wave and which had a huge impact on saving lives in the different hospitals.

“The advantage of this machine is that it uses much less oxygen. In the crisis in India right now, you need machines that can deliver oxygen supply, can have a big operation turnover quickly for patients, and can have quick saturation to prevent lung damage and death. The CPAP machines will be ideal for this situation.”



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