Taxi violence isn’t just for the real world, it’s the central theme in this telenovela that wrapped up in April 2021 — and the action is explosive. The Zungus and Ndlovus have been engaged in brutal, bitter warfare for more than 100 years, and the transport business is just the latest version of their struggles and strife. Throw in the fight for chieftaincy of the Bubesini region and you’ve got enough drama to last eight seasons … but there’s more: zombies, affairs, second wives, betrayals in the royal hallways and even kidnappings add to the adrenaline of this telenovela. 

Did we mention it’s also got late SA acting icon Menzi Ngubane as the brilliantly bad taxi lord Judas Ngwenya, who will try everything in the books to maintain some form of control, including dressing up as a woman named Judith? 2021 Safta nominee.

Watch it all from beginning to end now »


Isithembiso (700+ episodes)


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